September 15, 2015


Here are the steps- 

Ok so before you continue you need a iphone/ipod or smartphone. and I have made about 4-6 dollars an hOur by doing this, which I turn into paypal cash and then used it to buy and shop online like, amazon, best buy etc.
1.Download apptrailers app in your IOS or playstore then install.
2. You will need a paypal to receive cash so make a paypal at (
3. On your smartphone/ipod/iphone download from the App Store for free (App Trailers)
4. Open App Trailers and make an account from where it says "settings"
5. Once you have made an account go to "bonus code" under the videos tab. It will most likely be under "Invite Friends". 
6. Type "albertdc" you will get exactly 50 points for just doing this which is an amazing start. ( this will also help me)
7. Ok now what I do to maximize how many points I get, I watch the videos and then download the app.
8. Watching the videos will get you 5-20 points for a 30second video but downloading them will get you from 100-500 points.
9. When you download them just open them and wait for the update from app trailers saying you got paid for it.
10. Then just delete the app and continue..
11. Once you have reached atleast 500 points or $0.5 you can cashout on paypal this will take you literally 60secs to get that many points.

Simple no?

Have any questions, post away! 

Enjoy your earnings everyone!


You might be qualified to get a $1,000 Amazon Gift Card.

You could be qualified to receive a Apple iPhone 7.

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