September 26, 2011

Working Ucplayer using jproxy and ce proxy

Collection Of Anime Movies For Ucplayer

Credits to rasheed share ko daw dito.


1.Hacked unit
2.Ucplayer Download
3.Ceproxy, jproxy, or cruxifire,eto gagamitin natin to para maka connect, nag attach ako ng ready to use CE-Proxy for s60v3 no need to config, pero pag meron na kayo iset nyo nalang.

4.Python set (para mapagana ang mga tunnelings apps. Kayo ng lang mag search dito.

5.UCS movie links (extract nyo ang laman ng zip file sa video folder or kung saan nyo gusto nasa loob nyan maraming links).

Step 1. Gagawa muna tayo ng Connection settings.

For Ceproxy (SMART)
connection Name: CEproxy

For Jproxy (GLOBE)
Connection Name: Jproxy
Access Point Name:
Proxy Address:
Proxy Port:8080

Step 2. Configure muna natin ang Ceproxy at jproxy

Ceproxy Settings
Open Ceproxy when ask for connection cancel nyo muna & set the FF:

Settings >General Log: On Screen Only
Log Path: d:\Cheexy.log
Settings >Connection
Listen to port: 529
HTTP proxy:
HTTP proxy port:8080
Buffer size:99999

Settings > Tweaks URL prefix: @
Note: may space after ng 8002 at before sa @

Jproxy Settings
Open Jproxy when ask for connection cancel nyo muna & set the FF:

click settings:

Proxy port:8080

front domain:

Save all settings

Step 3. After ma set ang connection open Ucplayer and set the following: Menu>Settings>Play Set>Default Access point: choose the one we made earlier.
Option save

Configuration: Menu>Settings>File Association: set all to relevance. Option save Configuration & Exit ucplayer.

Step 4. Open ceproxy/jproxy if asked for access point connection choose the one we made earlier and let it running in the background. Go to Gallery Video clips or kung saan folder nyo na save ang mga ucs file click
 the link at direct na yan mag pleplay sa ucplayer.

Tips: if your using CE-Proxy at mag switch kayo ng move iclear screen nyo muna bago para di mag error ang ceproxy. Then after nyo manood sa ucplayer click Menu>Help>Traffic Statistics>Clear

Then kung mag exit kayo just press zero(0) at kung may nag prompt upgrade,use uc..etc Cancel nyo lang.

●Index of Anime Movies●

A Tale of Melodies
Ep. 1-11

Angel Beats
Ep. 1-13

Ep. 330-340

Clannad After Story
Ep. 1-24

Detective Conan
Ep. 620-633

Eyeshield 21
Ep. 31-36, 99-116, 144-145

Final Fantasy Ful Movie Episode

Ep. 1-9, 101-102

Initial D
Ep. 5-15

Inuyasha full movie package

One Piece
Ep. 492-515

Slam Dunk
Ep. 74-100

Soul Eater
Ep. 1-20

Strike Witches
Ep. 1-12

download here:


Enjoy! credited to moymoy42 of pd


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