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Cpoxy Tricks

Cproxy reupdate by changing the UDPport53 to UDPport137 because UDPport53 is block By Internet Service Provider! Yup that's true, udpPort53 is block by globe telecom.

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New Update Hotspot Shield 50 Servers and Expat Shield 20 Server fixed config.

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March 28, 2016

How to register a free domain name and free webhosting services [updated 2016]

Hey guys good day! I want to share this very simple tutorials for how to create a free website or blogs with free domain like .tk, .cf, .ga, etc.! And free webhosting service.
Free Hosting

Anyway, this is a very good idea to create your own website or blogs without spending much money but if you want  unlimited bandwidth you must upgrade your free webhosting into vip. Free webhosting and free domain is good for school project, personal websites, etc.! So this is good for you!  Lets start for tutorials!

1. Go to  and sign up. Use google acount to login for better and easy access signing in without full name and address registration. Find login using your social acount then choose google plus.

2. You can now redirect to your acount at my.freenoms. then find "domains" and then click register new domain after this type your favorite domain name then click "check availability".

And choose one domain only and then  you have now own free domain!

3. After the free domain, the next is a free webhosting. You need this because your free domain is not totally worked without this below tutorials,.
- First go to or click the banner below.

Free Hosting

Then sign up using your google acount.

4. After signup/log in, find hosting then click "create new hosting acount" and then click order.

Then follow the instruction on below ss.

Note: use your domain that you registered already at

5.  You can now redirect to cpanel of your webhosting as shown on below.

6. Then you can try the website builder at your cpanel as shown on above ss. if you don't know mysql or php website. Search it to google.
Note: you can costumize your website in defferent themes and layout if you are using website builder (zyro website builder).
- after you create a website, you can now connect it by inputing domain name server in your free domain,.

7. Again go to and go to your registered free domain then find the settings of the domain name server then put,
Server 1:

8. And finally you hve now own website! Now go to your browser then try to browse your website! That's all! :-) pls. Comments for clarification nd suggestions. Thank you!

February 29, 2016

Free internet using Psiphon + magic ip for globe and TM!

To all globe and tm lovers, try this tricks to get free internet in your android phone!
First set-up your internet connection and download the Psiphone handler apk on below then follow the instructions.. that's all!

For Psiphon settings:
remove port: mark
proxy type: HOST
real proxy type: INJECT
real proxy:
proxy or host:
 port: 8080
domain: or 

Then set-up your internet connection in your android phone. See below settings.
apn type:default
aut type:chap or pap..
then connect Psiphon to any COUNTRY SERVER or USA server for better connection.
- share this to FB or any forum if this is working! Thanks!


DOWNLOAD HERE: Psiphon handler.apk


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