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Cpoxy Tricks

Cproxy reupdate by changing the UDPport53 to UDPport137 because UDPport53 is block By Internet Service Provider! Yup that's true, udpPort53 is block by globe telecom.

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New Update Hotspot Shield 50 Servers and Expat Shield 20 Server fixed config.

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November 24, 2015

Free internet and streaming for Globe, SMART, TNT and SUN cellular

Hello guys i want to share this  free internet and streaming tricks for globe, smart, tnt and sun cellular users! this tricks works perfectly on symbian, androids, computer/laptops with opera mini, uc web or any unmoded browser with flash player to play videos. So guys read the instructions carefully and i will assure you, this tricks working in 100%. Please read the instructions below
1. You need one of this, Symbian phone, android phone, laptop or computer(use broadband kit or pocket wifi using working ISP provider(globe, smart, tnt or sun cellular)
2. Download opera mini, uc web or any browser with flash player works or click here Opera mini browser and for adobe flash player, click on below link.
Download Adobe Flash Player For 2.x — 3.x -> HERE
Download Adobe Flash Player For 4.x -> HERE
Download Adobe Flash Player For 4.4 — 5.x -> HERE
3. And then open your browser, below instructions is for Opera mini but you can try this for any browser.
ok just type opera:config then hit enter/go.Then scroll down and you can see this "PROXY" then click/press.
After that, please check screenshot below as reference and instructions on how to set-up opera mini settings.

Then click "Save".!
Note: the rest please leave or do not edit.!
Then press "EXIT" or back button in your phone and restart.
 - After restart, open your opera mini browser again type/input the free site link below in your url bar or navigation bar.

Below are the free site link:
For SUN Prepaid Sim. 
Or any of this:

the hit Enter.
And you will direct to this website the input your link in url bar as instruction on below then hit GO/enter, lets start browsing ang downloading with your favorite site.

For TNT. just typebelow in your barl/navigation bar of your browser.

For SMART Prepaid

For SUNBroadband

For TM

For SMARTBroadband

For Globe predaid.

_How to Browse?....
Just type your link on url bar, see below ss.

Then hit GO! 
Take note, for SMART, TNT AND SUN users make sure that you have available 2pesos loads to works this 100% this tricks. Lets enjoy free surfing!

November 5, 2015

(Tut) how to registered 1GB internet access with 1000 text promo for GLOBE and SMART!

HI ALL SMART AND GLOBE USERS! I JUST WAND TO SHARE THIS CHEAPEST INTERNET PROMO WITH 1000 TEXT! note: 1000 text applicable only for Globe/tm to globe/tm users and smart/tnt to smart/tnt users.

Here they are,

For Globe users:
Just type GOTSCOMBODD70 and send to 8888

For Smart users:
Type, BIG70 and send sa 9999

And wait for confirmation text.
That's all!


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